Hey, beautiful!So January went by quickly and I thought today, I would share with you my top 3 favorite products of the month.This is kind of like a favorites post but I didn't have many other favorites, so why not do a top 3 post?I hope you enjoy!

Also, I'm not paid to sponsor these products in any way!<3

Lush - Tea tree water toner
Aaaaagh, so I don't know if you guys remember my summer beauty wishlist from last year but I mentioned that I want this toner.And yes, clearly I bought it, actually quite a few months ago, but I started using it more often past month.And I'm literally obsessed!
It hydrates my skin very well and it makes it super glowy & healthy looking!Totally my number 1 product of the month!

Balea gel cleanser
I have to be honest with you that I didn't have very high hopes for this cleanser at first when I saw it at the store.But dang, it's really good actually!
It's specifically meant for acne-prone skin or any blemishes, blackheads, etc., which is exactly with I'm dealing with rn.I've been using this only for a week and the bigger breakouts are already gone.

Sephora Lipstories lipstick
I've never been a fan of lipstick, to be honest, but my mom and I went shopping in Sephora a few weeks ago, and I bought a Lipstories lipstick in shade number 3.And it's the perfect kind of pearly nude lipstick that's not too visible.I also dab it on my lips so it looks more natural!

So we came to the end!
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Hey, everyone!Today is the first anniversary of Amelyss!
It's been seriously such a great year for me, with some up's and down's as everything in life.I still don't really think of myself as a pro blogger, not even halfway there as well!But for the anniversary, I wanted to share a post about blogging so, I decided to share my favorite blogging tools I can't live without!For the anniversary, I wanted to share a post about blogging, so here ya go!

If you like blog images with beautiful fonts and overlays and all that stuff, Canva is for you!
What is it?
Canva is basically a graphic designer, that you can use to create Facebook headers, Tumblr graphics & so much more!The great thing is, that there are already pre-made templates there, so all you have to do is change the photo, text, font, color, basically customise it as much as you want and that's it!

The website is also free but it does include some designs you have to pay for, but the free option is totally fine!

 I need to thank Grammarly so so much!As most of you probably already know, I'm from Slovenia and sometimes my English can be kinda poor.So Grammarly is a lifesaver, I'm using it right now!
What is it?
Grammarly is a word-correcting app and every time you make a mistake, it underlines it with red and once you click on that word, you can choose how you want to correct the word!You also have a free and premium version, but the free version works totally fine for me!

OK, I know most of you already have Pinterest and you're using it for your blog too, but if you don't make sure to do that.You're not only going to love it because you can share your posts but you can get some great inspo too, for your blog photos & blog posts!And even, when you don't need inspiration, you can always find some blogging tips and more there, too.
Oh and if we're already talking about it, you should totally follow me! @amelyssblog

This one isn't really a "tool", but if you want to step up your blogging game with a pro template, Pipdig is great!My template is by Pipdig as well.Their templates are a bit pricey, to be honest, but I went kind of crazy last August and actually bought one of their themes.What I love, is that they have some super clean and like 90% customisable templates.Their price ranges are from 39$ - 59$.
Mine was 59$, but it is totally worth it, you guys!

5.Creative market
And the last but not least is the Creative market!Some of you might hear about it already, some of you may haven't, and I found it very recently too, actually.
On their website, you can find a bunch of packs of fonts, icon packs, illustrations & more and it's perfect to make your blog look pretty.You do have to pay for the packs, but they're actually quite cheap.I found this pack for 15$  and you get 1000 pieces (fonts, banners, favicons,...)
And omg the pack is marble and pink themed like how cute is that!?!

Anyways you guys, I hope you like this post and you will get some inspiration for some new blogging tools, maybe!Until the next time,

Hey, lovelies!
I'm back and omg it's 2018!!!For me, January isn't exciting just because it's the beginning of the new year but also because my blog will celebrate its 1st birthday on the 21st of January!!!
And we do have to celebrate somehow, so share with me what you'd like to see on my blog for the B-day!

For today's post, I decided to start some kind of new series on the blog called "12 Things".Maybe you've heard of it before, maybe not but it's literally just me writing about 12 random things and even tho it is super random it's actually kinda fun to read.Also, I've been super inspired by Aspyn Ovard to start this series, because she's doing it on her blog, too.P.s. I' pretty sure you know her from her Youtube channel called Aspyn Ovard - so aesthetically pleasing!Now, let's dive in!

1.Cinnamon cookies = Literally the only thing I've been eating this whole afternoon.

2.My camera has been messing with me so much today and I couldn't get even one single sharp shot for this post.

3.MY MOM JEANS!!! Oh my gosh, I've been soo obsessed with my new mom - style jeans!They're super cute and kinda retro just so I get the Stranger things vibes :)I GUARANTEE a spring lookbook including them!

3.I totally cut my own hair today and I couldn't find the right scissors, so I just used the normal kitchen ones and one thing that I learned - just don't use them to cut your hair, PLEASE!Overall, my hair ended up looking very nice, actually, I still decided to cut them a bit more at the front and I totally messed it up😂

4.I've been dreaming and planning to do this giant room makeover this year.I literally watched a bunch of the room makeover videos and oh my lord, they're so satisfying!

5.I've been lately obsessed with the game called SongPop!

6.Lately, I'm really planning and creating my goals for my blog in 2018 and I have to admit that I'm very excited to see my blog improving for the new year!

7.I saw this study planner on Pinterest and I think I kinda want it I mean, look at this cute avocado<3
(Click on the photo for the link) *NOT SPONSORED

8.I'm currently watching 13 Reasons why and I know I'm super late and all that stuff but I have nothing else to watch sooo...I have to say that Hannah is kinda annoying to me and I know it may sound weird, but she's basically blaming everyone else for her unhappy life.YOU are the only one who can make YOURSELF happy, not everyone else.

10.How many times did I say literally, in this post?

11.I have a Slovene (my home language) test on Tuesday and I literally have to read a bunch of stuff from the book but I'm way too lazy to do that.It's kinda funny because everything becomes interesting when you have to do the school work, even washing the dishes!Anyone relates 😊?

12.My latest obsession in the game world was Sims 4!The game is like 3-year old but I'm still obsessed!

And we came till the end!This post was so much fun to make and I could totally write another 12 things right now, but I'm going to save them for the next post!And comment what kind of series would you like to see on my blog, I'm very curious!
Until the next time,

Hi guys!December is here which I CANNOT believe!Seriously though, where did this year go?
Since I'm a very festive person and I try my best to make December the "happy month" I had to share the vibes with you and so I decided to do Blogmas on my blog this Christmas season!
I'm pretty sure you already know what Blogmas or Vlogmas is but if you don't, it's basically posting more often in December.Originally every day, but it would be a lot of work to get the posts ready for the whole month, so I'm going to be posting every Monday and Friday of December starting TODAY!And to start it off, I had to share with you some gift ideas for a teen girl or maybe some ideas for what you can ask for, in case you're running out of ideas!Enjoy <3

1#Fuzzy socks & PJ's
If you want something cheaper, but still nice fuzzy socks or a nice pajama are a great idea!Victoria's secret is a great idea where to find them!

2#Water bottle or a mug
I've been obsessed with that type of water bottles lately!Since sometimes they are kind of pricey it would be great to get one for Christmas.Another idea is also a mug, for your hot chocolates and coffee ;)

3#Pillows and home decor
Home decor isn't really known to give as a gift but I'm sure all of us would be happy to get some new goodies to refresh the room for the new year!

If you can effort more expensive gifts or you can ask for them, penny board is an awesome idea!
I'm obsessed with mine!

I got headphones for Christmas two years ago and it's a great gift.I didn't get the Frends ones that are in the picture but choose the ones that fit your price!

6#Power bank
My phone always dies when we're leaving somewhere and power bank is a life-changer!

7#Polaroid camera
Polaroid cameras are super popular lately and I actually don't have one yet, but I'm probably going to buy one soon.If you already have it you can also ask for the Polaroid film because it is quite expensive!

8#Computer/keyboard/phone cover
They sell a ton of different computer and keyboard covers nowadays!
I think they can act as a great gift and I would be more than happy to get one of those.They also aren't that expensive so that's a plus!

9#New makeup!
Every girl likes to receive makeup, so why won't you ask for it?

10#Nice makeup bag or mirror
A great gift idea would be to get a makeup bag and top it off with some new makeup products!That would be something a girl MUST love!

11#Hair tools
Hair tools are also great and often they're on sale during the Christmas season!

12#New phone/tablet/computer
I know that these are very expensive but if you've been saving for something for a while you could ask for the remaining amount of money and get a new phone or tablet!

Nothing is cozier than a soft blanket with some tea so go ahead and ask for one!

Here they are!Those are all of the gift ideas for teen girls I have for you today!
I hope you got an idea of what to give or ask for this Christmas.I'm also going to post a stocking stuffers ideas soon, so make sure to subscribe to my email so you won't miss it out and all the other stuff from Blogmas!And share this post with your friends and family so they will get an idea what to get you!Until next time,

Hey everyone!
I hope you're doing great!So it's been pretty long since I last posted on my blog, but it's okay because today's post is a very fun one.A few days ago, I got nominated for the Liebster award, by the lovely Clara from Bloggin' with Clara.For all of those, who don't know what the Liebster award is, it's basically a very fun way to meet bloggers all around the world!The rule is that you have to nominate 11 bloggers and give them 11 questions that they can answer to in their post and then, they repeat the process all over again.I think this is such an awesome way to connect with people that have similar interests and plus it's always cool to meet new blog buddies, right?

So, first I'm going to answer the questions that Clara wrote in her post!

1.What's your favorite season and why?

I love every single season, but my favorite one is surely winter.I love the lights and the Christmas trees and also the Christmas music.I'm getting way too excited already!

2.What's your favorite thing about being a blogger?

My favorite thing about being a blogger is, that I always have a place where I can share my favorite topics and there will always be people that will like to read my thoughts.It's kinda like a little point, where people with same interests meet!

3.What's your favorite clothing store?

I think I have more of them, but I definitely got the most of my clothes from H&M!

4.Do you like to read, if so what's your favorite book?

When it comes to reading, I actually fall in love with a book real quick, but let's not forget we're talking about the books that I pick, not the boring books we all have to read for school :/
But, if I have to pick one of my fave books, it's definitely Paper Towns by John Green!

5.Who or what was your inspiration for starting your blog?

I actually don't remember what was really the thing that really inspired me to start a blog, but the only thing I remember is that I saw an article in a magazine about blogging, so I just kind of researched about it and then, I started!

6.What's your favorite food?

Oooh well, I think there's too many to choose from, but my favorite must be pizza!It makes me smile every time I eat it, so now tell me is this love, haha?

7.If you could go anywhere in the world, where would be your first stop?

I feel like I would really like to explore the USA a lot because I never been there, but the number 1. has to be New York!

8.Do you prefer coffee or tea, and why?

Since I'm a bit younger I don't really drink the ''real coffee'' but as I obviously know, how it tastes I feel like it might be the winner, overall I'm obsessed with tea, too my favorite is the Christmas tea!
I guess there's equal for these two?

9.What is your favorite song at the moment?

I think it's New rules by Dua Lipa

10.How long have you had your blog?

I have Amelyss for around 7 months now, but I used to have a blog before, which I created in February 2016

11.What's your favorite quote?

My favorite quote is by Forest Gump already since I was younger.Not sure why, but it always sounded cool to me:

''Life is like a box of chocolates.You never know what you're gonna get.''

Ok, so these were my answers, now it's time to nominate some awesome bloggers!Click on the names to check out their blogs!


Now for the questions!


1.What is your favorite part about blogging?
2.Who is your biggest inspiration?
3.What is your favorite part of the day and why?
4.When did you get interested in blogging?
5.What is your favorite topic to write about?
6.What is your favorite hobby?
7.What's your favorite movie at the moment?
8.What is your favorite place in the world?
9.Do you prefer books or movies?
10.How would you describe your fashion style?
11.What is your favorite color?

And we came to the end!I hope you all enjoyed this post I promise a new one is coming very very soon and it's already in the making.Make sure to check out these great blogs that I nominated and Clara's blog aswell!
Till next time <3

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