Over this summer break, I watched a lot of new & old movies, so I mainly Netflix & chilled as usual.I saw a few blog posts about book talks and I was like:"Dang I didn't read anything over this summer!"So, I came up with an idea of writing a movie talk.Before we get started I wanna let you know that I don't really spoil that much of the movies and series listed below, mostly just the things that you can see as well in the trailers & official reviews of them.So I really hope you'll enjoy them and comment down below for a part 2, cause I'm always down for that!


At first, I thought this will be that kind of movie, that I'm only gonna watch because it's kind of popular and I didn't think I was about to like it.But when I finally just clicked on it, I was really enjoying it.I was really fascinated by the representation of future (yes the movie does talk about future).As I said I don't wanna spoil too much but this fact ain't really the most important thing of the whole movie so I can tell you this.


This movie talks about a girl that is one of her kind since her brain is human, from her past life before her horrible crash and the rest of her body is basically a robot.Throughout the movie, she found, more about herself and her past.Oh, btw did I mention Scarlett Johansson is the main character...Another reason why I watched the movie.


Ok, I know it, everyone knows it but like sorry I just gotta mention it because I'M OBSESSED!For all of those, who don't know it, Riverdale is a TV show, that talks about a small town, named (surprisingly) Riverdale.


In the town, everyone is stumped by a mysterious murder of Jason Blossom.His friend named Archie, was at the river, with his teacher when all o that was happening.In the show, he, his friend Jughead, Betty & Veronica, are trying to reveal what really happened on 4th of July, when Jason was murdered.

I know this little summary is all over the place, but if you're really into those detective films and all that stuff, then you should totally watch the show.


I don't know about you, but I think this might be my favorite part of Pirates of the Caribbean.I'm also apologizing to all huge fans out there because I might mess up some stuff below in the about the movie part, so sorry about that :)


The movie basically talks, how Salazar wants to revenge Jack Sparrow, because of what he did in the past.Besides that, Will Turner's son wants his father to return home.In that time, he meets a girl named Carina.She joins him and Jack Sparrow on an adventure because she's actually looking for her father too.(Sry if that's too cheesy 😊)


I know this movie came out at the beginning of this year, but I really wanted to just take time for it, because it's a movie with a HUGE message.I gotta say the beginning is kind of boring and I almost canceled the movie to watch something else, but then it actually became pretty interesting.


This movie talks about a girl.She doesn't have a tomorrow, because she's stuck in only one day, and every day is the same.She becomes scared because no one would believe her if she'd tell them what's happening.She tries everything, and one day she finally knows what she's gotta do.

And now get your popcorn ready and watch these movies & series!Haha just kidding, I mean you can do that, right?I really hope you like this post, I tried my best to write good reviews about these movies but I still think I gotta improve them!And as I already said comment & subscribe to my email for part 2!
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Because of all the work we have these days, we sometimes forget to love ourselves.But loving yourself is not as easy as it seems to be at first.

I always thought I'm awkward, that I should stay at home cause I'm way to weird to show up in front of people & more stuff like that.It made me sad and it hurt me.But after some time, I realized that is only me who's telling myself those things.So I decided to slowly try loving myself.

And today, I'm sharing with you, some tips that helped me love myself and after all be myself.Hope you enjoy! <3

I have to admit, my hobbies aren't so girly and pinky like some people might think.I like sewing, skateboarding & playing shooting games (lol).
And I was kind of ashamed of these at first.I thought people will picture me like an old grandma that is sewing, or a guy that is skateboarding.But after I broke my fear, I finally shared my hobbies with and I was so surprised how positive vibes, my friends gave me.After a week or two, one of them already had a skateboard, another one got a sewing machine...And I was so happy!
So accept your unique style & hobbies, because is your art!

If you ever read more posts like this one, you probably already heard of journaling.At first, I knew you can bullet journal, which is basically a home - made planner (so creative), but I didn't know how this could help you to practice self-love & care.So I kind of researched and tried it.From then, I journal at least once per three days, because I usually forget about it.Oooopsie.
And guess what?It's awesome!Basically, how I journal, I write my thoughts in a blank notebook, write a date & a little mood tracker, because it's kind of cute or is it just me?And that's basically it.
You can add a ton more "gadgets".Just let your creativity LIVE!

Burn your favorite candle, watch your fave movie, Netflix & chill, put on a dress you love...Sounds good, and I'm sure these will help you get at least a Lil bit happier, which leads you, to love yourself.
Take care of yourself doesn't mean you're selfish.It means you're step by step trying to love yourself & become the best version of YOU.

"You've got to love yourself first.You've got to be okay on your own before you can be okay with someone else" - J. Lo.

If you can dream it, you can do it said, Walt Disney.And this is nothing less than true.I know I talked about this in a lot of my older blog posts, but I was thinking about, how many of my old dreams come true.Ok, I didn't go to New York yet, but hey it's never too late.
But I did:
➵created a blog, that I was dreaming of since 2010
➵I got a DSLR camera, that I would never believe I'll save enough money for

There's a ton more, but I'm gonna stop right here.

Always, when I reach my goal & get something, I'm already saving for another thing & dreaming about it.I thought that's wrong and it won't be good when I turn adult.But I realized, those are dreams & goals and there's nothing wrong with them.Find your passion and DREAM!
Dreaming is some sort of human habit.

Just never stop dreaming & making new plans, and after all, they will come true.Maybe not that second, day or week, but they will!

Meditation works great.I personally think, they're way too many things going on in my head, so I can't meditate.Ok, maybe for 5 seconds but not more.And for all those who can relate, what helps is listening to music (preferably more slow music instead of rock, haha).Put on your fave track, close your eyes and follow the sounds.You do think, which is not really a meditation, but you think about random words & sounds and you forget about your problems & relax.

Loving yourself is like a hobby, that you gotta practice so you can master it.So try repeating these steps every day, and you'll tend to see the results.

So these are all of my tips.Oh also I went back to school this Friday (kill meh) so I'll be again posting once weekly, probably every weekend, but we'll see about that.Also super excited for next week, cause it's going to be my first Fall post!Get excited🍂
Till next time,

Hi there!For today, I decided to write a shorter post about my school essentials!Before I tell you any more info, I want to apologize because I didn't post quite often on my social media & blog.I've been kind of sick and I wasn't in the blogging mood, but I'm back now and I'm going to try to post as many Back to school posts as I can!

And before we get started, make sure to subscribe to my email so you won't miss any of them <3

I always, always alwaaays keep this one in my bag.I usually don't need it, but hey you never know, when's gonna be the emergency, so you'll need waterproof mascara, haha.But this one is by Catrice, and I can surely say it's sweat proof, for those who are wondering.

So, I don't even know, what to say because it's so obvious, but I just like to have Eos with my because of two reasons:
➧It won't break
➧It smells like mint, which helps you focus (check my B2S life hacks post here)

I like these buddies because you can cover any blemishes quick + easy and you can blend them nicely with your fingers.I would totally recommend them.This one is by Maxfactor btw :)

I've been using this Nivea Fresh Flower, from probably like the beginning of the year, and this is the number 1# product I ever tried.Oh also comment any your recommendations for different products, because I would love to read them

Long hair + pe, without a hair tie = disaster.Not sure about you guys, but I feel like wearing hair ties is the most important rule in our school :)The only thing is, that they just suddenly disappear from your backpack or basically anywhere!Sometimes I think: Is someone eating them or what?But they are my must have tho.

It just simply comes in handy + it has a small hair brush.Boom, love it!

So these were all of my essentials, again sorry because this post is so short, but get excited for next one, coming this weekend!Oh and comment what fall posts, you want to see on my blog.ILY ♥
Till next time, 

Every single year, I say to myself, I'm going to be more productive this school year, even tho you know this doesn't really happen.Usually, I end up being on my phone till 5 pm without even knowing what time is it (it's a huge surprise when I actually check the time).Last year, my work paid off (in a bad way of course) and I decided to take things in my hands and start being more productive after school.And today, I'm sharing with you, my Top 5, ways to be more productive after school!

This is also the first post of my B2S blog post marathon!And before we get started, make sure to subscribe to my email so you won't miss future posts! <3

1#Set up a schedule!
There are different ways to do this, you can go all hardcore and setup exact time of doing specific tasks, or break the time into few parts.What works great for me is to put the afternoon (or anytime you do the work) in 3 or more parts:
➳ Homework, when I come home
➳Free time
➳Studying + reading in the evening
This is usually how my productive day looks like.It can be different for each of you guys, because you may need more time to study and less for homework.Definitely try making a schedule, because it's a life-changer!

2#(Try to) be on time!
Schedule sadly can't work without you.So I would recommend starting reading your book and doing your school work ASAP.Even tho it does happen sometimes, that teachers go crazy with the homework and it's impossible to do it, but at least try to do as much as you can.You won't regret it!

3#Stay organized!
Staying organized is another topic, where I could write the whole post about, which means it's pretty hard to get it done.But even being a tiny bit more organized, will work!Every step counts!Make sure your papers are in folders, have a clean backpack & desk and such things.At the end, it doesn't seem that hard, right?

4#Set goals!
If you're listening to any tips in this post or not, you shall definitely listen to this one!What really helped me when trying to be more productive, is setting goals!At the end of the school year, I always make a list of goals I want to reach.I usually write down, what grades do I want to get at a specific test & the end grade of each class.It helps me so so much, for knowing how hard I worked that school year and when I do get the grade I write it next to the expected one.And it makes me so happy, seeing that I reach my goals!

5#Never give up & work hard!
The most important is, to never give up!One grade won't break your whole life & career in ANYWAY!It's impossible, seriously.Your job is to work hard and never give up.I promise the teacher will see your hard work, even if it's the meanest person in the whole world.And remember, you can do it!

I hope you'll have an amazingly productive school year, with some help of these tips.Don't forget to come back tomorrow for the second post of the B2S post marathon!And what is your key to productivity?I would love if you'd share it with me in the comments.I need some more tips too because I'm just a hopeless potato, that is not very productive!Till next time,

Does it ever happen to you, that you are sad for no reason?Umm yes, that is totally me and I'm pretty sure it happens to everyone.I usually don't see the point anywhere & everywhere and I'm just asking myself: Why do I even live?Yup, I know I'm pretty crazy.
But today, I decided to share a little post of 5 Ways, to be more positive!These help me a lot when feeling down.I got inspired by this post, in July, because I've been feeling down for almost the whole month and these are the things that were keeping me alive during that time!Hope you enjoy :)

1#Go for a walk!
Walks aren't only for your body health, but also for your mind.I get 90% of Inspiration for this blog when going on a walk + your obviously gonna burn those calories cause we all hate them!

2#Give 5 compliments each day!
I've been doing this since forever until I realized it was an actual thing.From then, I'm doing even more often.Giving compliments, makes me even happier, than getting them!

3#Take time for yourself & Lord!
This is the most important one!You should take time for yourself & our precious Lord, at least 5 minutes every single day.It helps so much and there are miracles happening in life, seriously.Even if things seem horrible, just take time and talk to him, and I promise, things will get better.God really has a plan for each one of us and don't be afraid of it!

4#Find inspirational quotes!
I love to have some quotes around my room & setup as a background.Personally, they make me feel like there are people in the world, with the same probs and you're definitely not alone!Plus there are some hella cute quotes on Pinterest and they will spice up your desktop too :)

5#NEVER give up!
Don't give up!Giving up is the worst thing, you can do.If you failed at one thing so so many times, it maybe just means you have to move on and try new things.Work hard for that thing and if it's meant for you, it'll succeed and if not, you have to move on.Just don't give up!

I seriously hope you'll get away from the bad times & these 5 ways will help you!Let me know what back to school posts you wanna see, even for the B2S blog post marathon.I really hope you guys enjoy this post, make sure to follow me on my social media because I love to chat with u guys & also to get notified about exciting updates & new blog posts!And also, how cool is my new template!?It's made by Pipdig and I'm just obsessed! <3
Till next time,

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